Unlock the Potential of Your timid interviewees

Do you ever interview people where you feel they maybe have more to offer than they are letting on? Not everyone is good at “selling themselves” after all.

I bet you have had a worker who has been great at their job but is a little timid or introverted, does your interview process encourage success for these types of individuals?

During an interview, have you ever tried asking something along the lines of “is there anything else about you or your experience you would like to tell me about?” or “is there anything I haven’t asked that you think I should know about?” —These questions are usually phrased in such a way that the interviewee is not put on the spot, but can more comfortably express what they think you should know.

Sometimes those with less confidence won’t over-elaborate and it may take more questions to unlock their full potential – it’s important to be understanding and patient when interviewing anyone, including those who are more introverted.