What are the top things that candidates do that turn off hiring managers? (that are easily preventable).

Interviewing can be tiresome for both parties, but a little effort goes a long way and I would strongly recommend allocating time for prep prior to each interview no matter how many interviews you have done.

Aside from the skills or experience not being quite aligned to the clients’ needs’, which most people accept not every role is going to be a perfect match, here are the most common things(that are easily preventable) that hiring managers cite for interviews also not going as well as hoped or in some cases expected.

  • Not researching the company or role before the interview
  • Arriving late to the interview (with no explanation/apology)
  • Appearing disinterested in the job or being too relaxed/ Not dressing appropriately for the interview
  • Not having any questions for the interviewer
  • Badmouthing previous employers or colleagues